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Our Research

Driven by the voices of young people and those supporting them, the development of this website was underpinned by the research described below. 

Here are some of the common things young people and stakeholders told us:

"I'm not always looking for advice, just looking for someone to listen."

"There is a big fear of saying or doing the wrong thing."

"I felt scared about opening up"

"Sharing stories helped people feel less alone"

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Our Research Process

Based on Mind Service Design Toolkit

Stage 1: Set-up

Planning our project

During 2021 Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind identified some local gaps and concerns around young people's mental health and resilience. Together with Nurturing Hope a plan for the project was created.

Flow Chart

Stage 2: Explore

Undertaking research

In-depth interviews were conducted with young people and key stakeholders supporting young people in Tameside & Glossop. Gathering insights from young people and stakeholders about their experiences, how the system was working and where they felt gaps existed provided an invaluable foundation for our project to build upon.

Following a detailed analysis of all data collected, we were able to identify a 'problem' and vision for the project.


Stage 3: Generate

Creating ideas

Design workshops allowed us to work collaboratively with young people and stakeholders to generate lots of ideas about how this project might seek to address the 'problem' identified through our research. 

All voices had equal influence, ensuring the ideas generated were from the community the project was seeking to support. 


Stage 4: Make

Testing out our ideas

During this stage we tried out different aspects of the ideas suggested. We also undertook further research to understand if our ideas would practically work and fit in with the developing mental health system in Tameside & Glossop.

This stage allowed us to refine our ideas and create a plan to go ahead with.


The idea for this website was born.

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Stage 5: Start-up

Developing ideas and plans

This website is the product of this pilot stage. Together with young people and local partners we have:

  • Developed the idea for this website, starting with its name

  • Created a logo and chosen colour schemes

  • Gathered more stories and turned them into creative resources on this website

  • Gathered feedback along the way to make sure we are staying on track

  • Developed a communication strategy to help the website to reach the right people. 

design product- confident 2.jpg


Gather feedback and impact analysis

During September and October 2022, we are focusing on the evaluation and impact of this pilot website. This stage includes focus groups with youth designers who contributed to the project at any point.

We will be undertaking interviews with key stakeholders and viewers of this website to understand what impact this project has had or could have in the future for young people in Tameside & Glossop.

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